Forum One Event in Vilnius: The World has changed.

The FORUM ONE Conferences in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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A remarkable event about New Global Thinking and innovative Business Strategies will be held in Vilnius Lithuania. For the first time in Eastern Europe, worldwide business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing and leadership experts, well-known brand creators and special guests will step on the stage at FORUM ONE VILNIUS.

Culturebrand offered a VIP Incentive Tour from several European Countries to Vilnius with Access to all Parts of the Conference, the Workshops and to individual exklusive Meetings, an exclusive Dinner with Speakers and International Guests and an exclusive Business Training with KEN SCHMIDT and GABOR GEOGRE BURT.


3 Days of Winning Strategies on how to be indispensable in your Business.

The world has changed. While the Internet is rapidly erasing geographical business boundaries, today it is not enough to be only a good, quality service providing company or professional.  At any moment, in any place of the world, someone better, cheaper, faster and more innovative can appear who will want to take what’s yours. At that very moment your situation can change drastically.

The Speakers at the FORUM ONE Event in Vilnius:

Seth Godin – World’s foremost business and marketing provocateur. He writes about the post-industrial revolution.  “If Seth Godin didn’t exist we’d need to invent him — that’s how indispensable he is!” – once said Alan Webber, Founder of Fast Company. And he was undoubtedly right: Seth is one of the most influential marketing and business thought leader in the world. Many marketers give credit to Seth Godin for how they think about marketing and American Way Magazine named him America’s Greatest Marketer.Seth Godin is the author of 17 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages.

Ken Schmidt, “Harley-Davidson” marketing legend, visionairy of communication, brand strategist. One of the most in-demand speakers and communications consultants in America, Ken Schmidt has lived a rich and extraordinary life. In 1985, Schmidt began working at struggling and lost Harley-Davidson. The company was confused as to how to define its brand in a changing marketplace. In 1990, Schmidt became director of Harley-Davidson’s corporate and financial communications and through this haze confusion provided clarity and played an active role in one of the most celebrated turnarounds in corporate history – and got paid to ride motorcycles! He is widely known and respected as one of the business world’s most outspoken and provocative thought leaders and has partnered with many of the world’s most successful brands. Now, Schmidt is a frequent speaker to business groups and academic communities throughout the world. Whether he’s talking about how to understand and leverage basic needs to improve competitiveness, or how to build an entirely new corporate culture or how to reach out to new customers in completely untraditional ways, Schmidt never follows a predictable course. After all he has accomplished, his philosophy of life and business hasn’t changed: “Never do what’s expected, make yourself as noticeably different as possible, and have a lot more fun than you’re supposed to.”During FORUM ONE 2014 Ken Schmidt will share his knowledge about the art of building brand loyalty, converting customers into vocal brand advocates and breaking the low price/commodity mindset. And how to do that in the very Harley-Davidson style!

Karol Karpinski, Client Partner and CEE at Facebook. Karol Karpinski is a Client Partner for Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook where he primarily focuses on driving marketing conversations with Central and Eastern Europe markets largest brands and direct response focused marketers. Karol uses market trends and insights to support clients on implementation of new tools and products. Karol’s enthusiasm for connecting people through technology has solid background: prior to joining Facebook he worked in Havas Digital / Media Contacts Poland as head of online orientated Media Planners team. Passionate about e-commerce and online marketing – from Mobile and Search Engine Marketing, to Email Marketing and Affiliate Programs – Karol will help you with insights, made while working with various organizations in Entertainment, Finance, Travel, FMCG fields.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Iconic Action Hero. “Muscles from Brussels”, this is the nickname of the actor, who will talk live on the Forum One about the perseverance, fame, greed and about how to get a double whammy, to find the strength to get up again and again.

Ben Saunders, Polar Explorer and record-breaking long-distance skier. Ben is one of three in history – and the youngest by more than ten years – to ski solo to the North Pole and holds the record for the longest solo Arctic journey by a Briton and for the longest ever polar journey on foot. Ben is not just another fame thirsty daredevil and adrenalin fan but an ambassador of Land Rover brand, environmental activist and highly inspiring speaker named in TED community as “skilled storyteller”. The main message that Ben is sending to everyone by his own example is an encouragement to properly think how you would like to spend the short moment called Life that you are given on Earth. And this is what motivates to change, to move forward, to take risks and to follow your dreams.

Bodo Schafer, Europe’s No.1 money-coach, businessman, investor. Bodo Schafer is a world known motivation trainer, millionaire, writer and speaker, named a ‘financial Mozart’ or even ‘the Lord of money’ of our time. He is a well-known financial coach, who gained knowledge solely through his personal experience (from personal bankrupt to first million) and unusual way of thinking that helped to inspire millions in discovering new aspects of themselves, their life, and their finances.This year legendary Bodo Schaefer returns to FORUM ONE to tell us about mindblowing marketing success through positioning. As the main principle Schaefer keeps in all his bestselling books and in all speeches that he delivers is that our success is determined not by coincidences or accidental chances but by the wisely chosen positioning strategy.

Gabor George Burt, Global Expert on Re-Imagining Boundaries & Blue Ocean Strategy. Gabor George Burt is a leading expert on Blue Ocean Strategy, the author of highly praised book about engaging our creativity for success in business “Slingshot”, and an internationally recognized pioneer on innovation, creativity and strategy development. He is actively involved in shaping strategy with a diverse group of international clients spanning from Fortune 500 firms to successful start-ups and leads by example through his own initiatives. He is a frequent lecturer and advisor to companies on the topic of innovation and strategies that lead to uncontested market space. Gabor George Burt is an engaging and entertaining speaker, who’s provocative and highly-relevant presentations both inform and inspire audiences. His spheres of expertise are highly relevant in helping organizations re-think their business.

Frederyk Haren, Creativity Expert, Founder of, Author of “The Idea Book”. Fredrik Haren is an author and speaker on business creativity. He was declared „Speaker of the Year“ in Sweden. „Creativity“ – is his keyword while travelling the world and motivating people to think differently. His bestseller “The Idea Book” has been translated into 15 languages and included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

Salome Heusel, TEDx Managing Director, community building professional. Salome Heusel is the Deputy Director of the TEDx Program at TED Conferences, LLC where she directs program strategy and is the managing director of the TEDx department. As TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world, so S. Heusel’s everyday work is to think about how to grow and nurture independent TEDx events community with global reach as an extension of a global brand. Born in Germany Salome grew up in Italy, France and later US. She is fluent in 6 languages, and collaborating with people all over the world on a daily basis is what keeps her excited about her work. Her passion for business development and building community first started in 2006 when she joined the team at GOOD Worldwide Inc. a group comprised of young professionals launching a lifestyle brand aimed at individuals who want to do well by doing good. Her main interest continues to lie in global brand and community building.


How can companies be creative and innovative if employees feel they lack the skills and inspiration? Inspired means thinking in new ways – helping yourself to come up with better ideas and making a change in your company and your life. F. Haren has the knowledge and experience to help create that change for you. Fredrik knows how to combine interesting content with and inspirational delivery: in more than 12 years he has delivered over 1,500 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 50 countries and has inspired hundreds of thousands of business people to become more creative and to look at the world in a new way.


During 3 very special days in the wonderful Lithuanian Capital they will share their mind-blowing ideas, experience, knowledge and insights to answer the ultimate question – how to become indispensable in your business and career. During the Conference, the exceptional business and marketing workshop will be held with marketing legend, communication visionary and the author of Harley-Davidson’s renaissance, KEN SCHMIDT and innovations pioneer, global expert of Blue Ocean strategies GABOR GEORGE BURT.

Five Resaons why you should attend!

  1. Your Network. At the conference you will meet thousands of businessmen, managers and professionals not only from Lithuania but entire Central Europe region. It will definitely be unique opportunity to share your experiences, find business partners, clients and investors for your future projects.

  2. Winning Strategies. Our main task is to give you most effective business, leadership and marketing insights, unique learning experience, inspiration and to encourage you to look at your everyday business processes from a different angle. Only constant learning will help you to oversee new business opportunities and ensure constant progress in this dynamic business world.
  3. Your Action Plan. At the conference we will give you guidelines, speaker insights and strategies and you will be the one to say “let’s do it, follow me” and apply it to your own business or personal life.

  4. Meet World Business Leaders and Experts. Forget about times when New York City, London or Singapore were the only hotspots to meet the most influential game changers. Now such icons as world’s foremost business and marketing provocateur Seth Godin, Harley-Davidson marketing legend Ken Schmidt among many others come to you. FORUM ONE is the only of it’s kind conference in Central Europe.
  5. Global Strategies. New Markets. Finding new markets and dominating existing ones. Restructuring local company into global business. New approach to positioning and sales increase. Turning clients into loyal advocates. Company value growth. Out-of-the-box solutions in unstable economic and political times. About all this and more only from the top business leaders and practitioners.