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Modern Story Telling is Part of our Public Relations Services, in Live Communication and Social Media.

Culturebrand Consultants are Story-tellers. We create emotional communication through the Power of Inspiration. We love the Spirit of Poetry. The Well-being Factor. In Communication, in Business, in Art & Culture, in Sports, in Politics, in the Society, in Life.

Another Statement for Story-telling. Modern storytelling has a broad purview. In addition to its traditional forms (Mythology, Legends, Fables) it has extended to representing history, political commentary, and evolving cultural, philosophical and sustainable norms. Contemporary storytelling is widely used to address educational objectives.

New forms in communication and social media are creating new ways for people to record and consume stories. Tools for asynchronous group communication can provide an environment for individuals to reframe or recast individual stories into group stories. Interactive story-telling may be used to position the user as a character within a bigger world.