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Culturebrand’s new thesis in tourism for new and innovative paradigms in the international tourism business.

Crisis means Change.

But it also means opportunities.

Perhaps the first opportunity for the international tourism industry, in terms of mass tourism and the MICE and business travel revolution, is to ask why the undeniable economic and social success that has made tourism one of the richest businesses in the world in just a few decades is showing clear signs of exhaustion at the beginning of this century.

The Culturebrand Tourism Statement 3.0:

The Future Tourism


New Values and a new Horizon in international Tourism:

01 | From Growth to Sustainability

02 | From Being to Well-being

03 | We have to create Reasons to Travel

04 | The Metamorphosis from Tourist to Traveller

05 | Cultural Tourism has an enormous growth Potential

06 | The Re-Positioning as Cultural Destinations / Green Destinations / Well-being Destinations is a Challenge

07 | Creativity and Uniqueness against the Standardisation of Hotel MICE Products

08 | The Creation of Relevance and Inspiration

09 | Innovative MICE-Business is a Multiplication Factor for Leisure Tourism


What has changed?

  • A cost structure resulting from the Transformation of some Tourism Destinations into first world regions.
  • The emergence of new tourist destinations in the third world.
  • Loss of hope by part of the population of some countries and tourist regions in their only economic activity, leading to a change in attitude towards the guest.
  • Insufficient diversification of tourism and its consequences:
  • Insufficient adaptation of traditional tourism products to the needs of an evolving demand.
  • Insufficient creation of new tourism products.
  • Insufficient updating of the know-how of all actors in the tourism value chain.
  • However, what has not changed… or, on the contrary, what has improved?
  • … an unrivalled geographical location of some of the most popular tourist regions in the Mediterranean, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, several Asian countries, the BRAC regions, the USA and, of course, Western and Eastern Europe.

New Opportunities in Tourism:

  • Uniqueness, based on Authenticity and Inspiring Ideas
  • A favored natural terrestrial and marine environment
  • A secular cultural heritage.
  • The Mediterranean: The amazing islands and seas surrounding them.
  • The Amazing Culture in Europa, Russia, Asia, North and South America.
  • Excellent air and transport infrastructures.
  • Basic infrastructures for legal aid and sanitation,
  • security, transport, communication and education.
  • Political and economic stability.
  • Social diversity.
  • High Expertise gained through decades of involvement in the tourism industry is a Basis to Re-Position the Destination


Tourism: challenges, new ways, new thinking

  • Economic diversification is not the solution.
  • Diversification in tourism, however, could be.
  • MICE Business is creating Value for Leisure Tourism Structures and a great Positioning of Cities and Regions.
  • Uniqueness is the Trigger.
  • Cultural tourism, green tourism, wellness tourism, design and exceptional food and lifestyle concepts create ‘reasons to travel’.
  • Family Tourism must be re-defined.
  • All-inclusive tourism products are not a long-term solution and are out of balance.
  • Only sustainable and valuable tourism, a new tourism, could change the structure of productivity in many tourist destinations.


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