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“Today it is no longe sufficient to develop a brand that is liked, but a brand that is loved”, a clear statement from Hubert Georg Feil, Managing Partner of Culturebrand.

As the fields of marketing and communication are in the process of being revolutionized by the internet and competition has accelerated, visionary ideas, great and exciting lifestyle experiences and innovative instruments are needed to improve the emotional power of brands. Marketing- and Communication Managers as well as company leaders are challenged to position or reposition brands as a multitude of new and competitive brands are being placed on the market every day.

Culturebrand demonstrates how the tools of new communication, unique sponsorship selection, sustainable event marketing, good stories and of course the entire ‘live communication orchestra” can be applied to create new strategies and build winning brands that turns customers and people into advocates and powerful brand ambassadors with the power to endure even in a fast changing world of communication.



Hubert Georg Feil, Managing Partner of Culturebrand: “Today it is no longe sufficient to develop a brand that is liked, but a brand that is loved.”

Successful brands and projects have one thing in common: a strong personality with a visible and emotional soul that consistently sets itself centre stage, highlighting all its peculiarities.


Our Message for Winning Brand Building:


  1. Winning Brands have a Soul.

  2. Winning Brands have a strong Identity.

  3. Winning Brands have a Heart, Warmth and are emotional.

  4. Successfull Brands create and transport emotional Messages, good Stories.

  5. Good Brands are associated with live communication, richness of experience, and sensuality.

  6. Winning Brands interact with Clients and Customers. Fast. Friendly. Smart. Always.

These are Promises to customers and the World. We at CULTUREBRAND are constantly working to improve and develope Emotions, Sustainable Communication, Credible Content, Joyful and unique Experiences for Brands and Projects.

We call it EMOTIONAL BRAND BUILDING. Start the Process with a first dialogue. We love to be challenged and we look forward to hearing from you!


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