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We have a long experience in Music and Entertainment and partnerships with Brands and Organizations. We love to support and develope cooperations between Music, Artists, Entertainment, Media and Companies (Brands).

There is an emotional environment, people want to be arround. No doubt! Music, Art, Culture, Entertainment are part of that. Whenever you (or we for you) create an emotional environment for your brand or project or for yourself, that people will love and the creative people wanna come in, you must use Music & Entertainment, Art & Culture with it’s great diversity and the wide range of varieties.

Think about it: Why people wanna work and where? Richard Florida mentioned that perfectly in his book “Cities and the Creative Class”. It’s always the creative and cultural atmosphere and environment.

We from Culturebrand are working in this positive and emotional Environment of and with the Creative Class.

The Culturebrand Company and our Network is always very much sensitized to work with these powerful clusters. Whenever it makes sense to make a brand or project more emotional and really great for people and the customers, music & entertainment should be on the list and be used and integrated.

We give Support to Music Companies, Artists, TV-Companies with Knowledge, Networking Services and Sponsorship Management and we create emotional surroundings for Brands with Music and Entertainment Projects.

Music & Entertainment Services:

  • Brand Marketing Consulting with Music & Entertainment Integration
  • Music & Entertainment Consulting
  • Development of Partnerships between Music, Entertainment and Brands
  • Lifestyle Event Production
  • Consulting Services for TV-Shows
  • International Music Sponsorship
  • Entertainment and TV-Sponsorship
  • Music Management Consulting
  • Branded Entertainment. Brand Positioning in TV and Film Projects.
  • Creative Talent Booking