Best of Vietnam Wellbeing.

The Newaken List is Live.

The moment has arrived. We are proud to present the Newaken list “Best of Vietnam Wellbeing” after intense research: Vietnam’s Top and most beautiful Wellness and Wellbeing Resorts.

Best of Vietnam Wellbeing

The 12 best wellness and wellbeing resorts in vietnam

The newaken ranking

Vietnam – a new destination for Luxury Wellness and Wellbeing Travel in Southeast-Asia.




The NEWAKEN LIST: Vietnam’s Top Wellness and Wellbeing Retreats

This NEWAKEN Ranking features the 12 most outstanding wellness and wellbeing resorts in Vietnam. Each resort showcases Vietnam’s dedication to celebrating its authentic history and diverse culture, now stronger than ever in the mindset of international mindful wellbeing travelers.

Vietnam, with its rich history, diverse culture, and breath-taking landscapes, is quickly transforming into a prominent destination for wellness and wellbeing travel. The traditional philosophies of balance and harmony, integral to the Vietnamese way of life, find a modern application in this growing sector. Vietnam and the deep connection to authentic traditions, offers unique wellness experiences, from age-old spa therapies to innovative healthy food practices. The NEWAKEN LIST highlights the incredible development of Vietnam’s wellness evolution in travel & tourism.

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The Newaken Retreats symbolize a new level in the concept of health retreats, combined with the Slow and Mindful Travel Movement. These retreats offer a new spiritual discovery to energize body, mind, and soul. They represent a global trend toward mindful and meaningful travel.

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