Newaken Health Retreats | Energy Evolution for Slow & Mindful Travel

Newaken represents the evolution of awakening, introducing a novel approach to incentive retreat series.


Resilience has emerged as the buzzword of the pandemic era. Pre-pandemic incentive trips were largely characterized by high-octane team-building activities and condensed schedules. However, a shift in focus is becoming evident, with an emphasis on quality, positivity, inspiration, and sustainability, aiming to imbue employees and customers with the energy to foster improved resilience.

Culturebrand Luxury Travel & Events, through the Newaken Health Retreats, has pioneered a fresh concept for luxury travellers and mindful incentive travel. This involves week-long retreats set amidst the world’s most stunning natural landscapes, hosted at the finest, eco-friendly hotels. Every stage of the incentive’s philosophy is permeated with a daily program of mindful activities.

The Newaken Health Retreats take place in the breathtaking destinations Spain, Indonesia, The Caribbean, Costa Rica, Greece, Finland, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and Bavaria – the verdant, energetic southern region of Germany known for its impressive mountains and landscapes.

The Newaken Health Retreats prioritize the individual’s synergy with nature, promoting the power of natural healing. Activities include Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing walks, holistic catering with plant-based organic healthy food, invigorating yoga classes, body talk lessons, philosophical discussions and lectures during the early morning hours, spiritual teachings, and training in positive thinking. Participants gain insights into sustainable practices and novel methods of operation and interaction within businesses and organizations.

Revel in the new awakening, experience pure inspiration, all in a span of one week, seven days. 

Participate alongside distinguished philosophy professors, local guides for forest bathing Shinrin-Yoku, meditation trainers, experienced yoga instructors, ambassadors of healthy food, spiritual teachers, meaningful conversations, and music DJs curating healing music and calming sounds.

Newaken Health Retreat Series, hosted in selected luxury lifestyle hotels promoting mindfulness.

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