The Newaken Health Retreats | Energy Power for Luxury Mindful Travel

Newaken is the new Awaken. The new Health Retreat Series.

Resilience has become the magic word of the pandemic. While in pre-pandemic times events and incentives were still heavily dominated by a focus on team-building, action-packed activities for participants, and companies were increasingly shortening the duration of incentive trips, a rethink is emerging. Quality, good Energy, Inspiration and Sustainability are in the foreground and the desire to provide the guests, employees, customers with good energy and even with power for a better resilience.

With the NEWAKEN Health Retreats, Culturebrand Luxury Travel and Events has developed a new holistic and body-mind-soul-concept for mindful incentive travel. Seven-day retreats in the most beautiful and sustainable resorts of the world in the middle of stunning nature with a daily mindful program in every phase of the incentive’s philosophy.

These are initially Mindful Retreat Weeks amidst stunning nature in destinations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, The Maldives, Japan, Costa Rica, Greece, Finland, Iceland, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Canada. And in Austria and Switzerland with incredible mountains and landscapes.

These NEWAKEN health retreats focus on the human being in harmony with nature: The Power of Natural Healing. Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing Walks. Holistic Catering mt Plant Based Organic Healthy Food. Early Morning Philosophy Talks and Lectures, energetic and creative Yoga Classes, Body Talk Lessons, Spiritual Teachings and positive Thinking Training. Participants learn sustainable action and new ways of working and interaction for businesses and organizations.

The New Awaken. Inspiration Pure. One Week. 7 Days. New-Generation-Incentives.

With the Participation of Teachers of Philosophy, Local Forest and Mountain Guides for Forest Bathing Shinrin-Yoku. With the presence of Meditation Trainers, Experienced Yoga Teachers, Healthy Food Advisors, Positive Thinking Teachersm, Spiritual Teachers, Mindful and Meaningful Talks, with Music DJs for Sound Healing and meditative Sounds.

The NEWAKEN Retreat Series in selected mindful luxury lifestyle hotels and resorts

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