Biennial Mallorca 2024

A Biennial for Mallorca – Art & Culture from all Mediterranean Countries involved.

Culturebrand is responsible for the Development of the new Biennial Mallorca 2024. This is planned to be one of the largest cultural, contemporary and urban festival projects in Spain and the Mediterranean with a clear focus on Europe and the Mediterranean. The Biennial Mallorca includes the whole island of Mallorca and will be held during the often called „silent period“ of the island with an 8 Month festival season in a new and Broadly defined concept and philosophy. The official Biennial Mallorca 2024 takes place from April 2024 to November 2024 in Palma de Mallorca and around the island of Mallorca. The Biennial Mallorca shall achieve more than 1 Mio Visitors from European and International Destinations, the integration of Mallorca’s residents plus visitors from the Balearic Islands and Spain.

Areas of the Biennial Mallorca 2024:

  • Art & Culture Projects
  • New Art Fair ART MARE NOSTRUM – The Mediterranean Art Market.
  • Literature Festivals / Literature Talks / Mediterranean Poetry Festival
  • Music | (Classical Music Festival, Pop, Rock, Dance, Jazz, Traditional Music, Folklore)
  • Film and Video Art
  • Design and Architecture
  • Green and Environment
  • Fashion
  • Think Art | Palma de Mallorca – The Centre of Thinking
  • Artisanry
  • New Cooking and Mediterranean Life
  • A Children Biennial

Biennial Mallorca 2024 – The Creation and Development of Relevance.

  • Part of a Cultural Development Plan of the Balearic Islands
  • Historical Dimension. Palma de Mallorca as THE competence place for the Mediterranean
  • The North-South-Axe in Europe. Relevance for the European Committee of the Regions through a high class program
  • Cooperation and cultural exchange with all  other Mediterranean countries
  • Visibility of typical European Island Problems and island handycap.
  • With Cultural Relevance a metaphor for educational development in Spain
  • Palma de Mallorca as a cultural magnet in Europe.
  • Self Evidence for Artists and Cultural Workers from the Mediterranean Region.

The Biennial Mallorca works as a driver and motor for the Tourism needs and economic aspects.

  • A Platform for the Development of Cultural, Green, Architectural, Educational and more Projects.
  • A Platform for the Integration and a greater Professionalization of already existing projects in Palma and on the Island.
  • The Biennial Mallorca is a Generator for more attention in Europe and the World. A Discovery Magnet.
  • A Generator for motivation and the increase of activities in the civil society on Mallorca.

The Biennial Mallorca will be the Generator for “Reasons to Travel to Mallorca” and a great Motivation for Artists from all Mediterranean Countries.

Culturebrand | Architects of Culture and Tourism