The Laboratory of Europe Conference in Sarajevo

This meeting “LE RENDEZ-VOUS DE SARAJEVO” has been intended to be a special time for exchange of know-how, experiences and ideas among the members of our network and the local political and cultural actors about a universal question: “How culture fosters intercultural dialogue?”.

Organised in partnership with UNESCO, the French Embassy, the French Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the conference participants discovered the cultural initiatives and experiments in this country that has experienced tragic events, marking forever both its citizens and its territory.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Laboratory of Europe


Board Meeting at the French Institute

Thematic day at UNESCO European catalysts for experimenting new models of cultural partnership, new concepts and future connections to incubate, (re)forge the bond and networking.

Thematic day on-the-field in Doboj (library), Maglaj (cultural centers) and Samas (new digitized cinemas). Reconstruct beyond the frame, what kind of european perspectives ?