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Art & Culture – A perfect and fascinating platform to communicate directly with your customers, the people who love your brand.


Our Passion:

We develop and support Partnerships between Business and The Arts.

We support Cultural Tourism.

We are looking for the best Destinations, Hotels, Venues, Lifestyle Environments for exciting Live Experiences.

We produce Art Events, we create Cultural Events.







We believe in the extraordinary value and emotional power of cultural diversity. We are consultants for brand marketing strategies with arts & culture, music & entertainment. We create, produce and provide solutions in many segments of the arts and culture.


We deliver Strategy, Management Services for Culture & The Arts. We are below-the-line-communication Specialists with a strong Network of Cultural Managers, Art Curators, Sponsorship Experts and Art Event Producers.

We provide and assist Brands with Consulting Services in the Development of Partnerships with Cultural Projects and Organisations. We give Support to Cultural Institutions, Theatres, Opera Houses, Concert Halls, Festival Organizers, Artists, TV-Companies with Art Knowledge, our Cultural Networking Services and specific Sponsorship Management and we create emotional surroundings for Brands with Art & Culture Projects.



Culturebrand Art & Culture Consulting Services:

  • Brand Marketing Consulting with Art & Culture Integration
  • Consulting Services and Advise for Ccreative and Cultural Cities
  • Art Research and Negotiation for Music & Entertainment Consulting
  • Development of Partnerships between Businesses and the Arts
  • Art and Culture as important Part of Lifestyle Event Production
  • Consulting Services for Art & Culture Institutions, and Projects
  • International Art & Culture Sponsorship
  • Art Management Consulting
  • Branded Entertainment. Brand Positioning in Art & Culture Environment.
  • Artist Research and Artist Cooperations 


Culturbrand Consulting empowers Communities, Brands, any kind of Cultural Organizations and the People to be emotionally engaged in their own Creativity to achieve greater Attention for creative Projects and of course Well-being.

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