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We are Architects of Culture and Tourism. We create and produce emotional Events and Incentives. We love Culture and the Arts. We love Tourism and Travel Business. We create and develop Emotional Brand Building and Live Communication for Clients and Projects. Our Passion is Culture, the Arts, Entertainment and a green and sustainable World. We consult and help Cultural Institutions and Art Projects. We combine Culture and The Arts, Green Projects, Lifestyle, Health and Tourism. That’s why we’re Architects of Culture and Tourism. Be Inspired!

creative consultants | consulting for cultural and public affairs | emotional live communication | Architects of Culture and Tourism.

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Culturebrand is a company for live communication, event production, tourism consulting, cultural and public affairs, sponsorship, branded entertainment with clients in the corporate, cultural, touristic, entertainment, governmental sector. Our portfolio includes destination marketing and cultural communication. We produce lifestyle events and incentive tours, social events, conferences, cultural events, art exhibitions, art fairs.


Culturebrand’s Portfolio includes services for cities and regions, public organisations like strategy consulting, network building, sponsorship and fundraising, cultural management, brand building, lobbying. Services include project management, marketing, and positioning for the “European Capitals of Culture”, for the “UNESCO World Heritage” programme and the “European Green Capitals”.

Another Culturebrand topic is ethic leadership communication to achieve authentic, measurable results of corporate, social, and cultural philosophy. We work with highly recommended consultants, marketing experts, CSR-experts, sponsorship professionals, philosophers, scientists, and ethical advisors.

We have many years of experience in sponsorship and fundraising projects and the financing of cultural and social projects. We are working with networks of European funding and cultural programmes. Our visionary approach is to help organisations, and companies building powerful and emotional brand loyalty. We believe in the value and emotional power of cultural and sustainable diversity.


Culturebrand agrees with the target of the Prince of Wales, according to whom any enterprise of any size in the Europe of regions, in any region and with either great or small financial resources, should demonstrate a new and active engagement in order to promote regional projects and organizations, thus giving a new sense and a credible message to the enterprise financial involvments.

We are based in Augsburg, (Greater Munich Region), Germany.