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One of Culturebrand’s core strengths is Sponsorship Consulting. For many Years, we have been active as a specialised Sponsorship Consulting Company. We also offer Sponsorship Acquisition Services, powerful Concepts, a large Sponsorship Network, Implementation, Valuation and Measurement.

Professional Sponsorship offers an exciting marketing environment and communication platform for businesses. Sponsorship is a highly professional marketing and communication instrument. Sponsorship may be understood as an integrative and powerful tool for corporate philosophy, in sustainable brand marketing strategy. There is always a creative space for good Messages (“Storytelling”). 

And Sponsorship for Art & Culture allows companies the direct cooperation and partnership with museums, galleries, art institutions, theatres, opera houses, cultural festivals and projects, and artists. A creative exchange of ideas and messages and a positive image transfer between the sponsored instutions and the sponsors can take place. Art & Cultural Sponsorship is a powerful and excellent instrument to promote and improve the direct communication with in-house and external audiences and to place strong message in all Social Media Channels. By funding and supporting topical cultural and artistic projects the communication benefit for Sponsors and for the sponsored project can be extraordinary positive.

Cultural and Green Sponsorship opens up new opportunities for communication and marketing, demonstrates interest in the arts, culture and nature, shows the assumption of cultural, environmental, green, and social responsibility and provides a large platform to the public. Cultural and Green Sponsorship is a Public Task as well. Many Projects are made possible by the support of sponsors onlyInnovative projects stimulate public interest.


Sponsorship Consulting Services:

  • Development and Consultancy for Sponsorship Strategies
  • Sponsorship Research
  • Sponsorship Acquisition
  • Sponsorship Management and Implementation
  • Sponsorship Team Training
  • Sponsorship Valuation Services and Measurement
  • Sponsorship Lectures, Conferences and Workshops


Smart Facts for Sponsorship

Sponsoring ist ein höchst effektives Instrument neben klassischer Werbung und klassischer Kommunikation.

Dialoge und Workshops im Sponsoring

Sponsoring spielt eine bedeutende Rolle in Kommunikation und Marketing von Unternehmen, Medien und Organisationen. Sponsorship is an important Tool in  below-the-line communication”.

paradise media hat dabei mit den führenden Kongressen für Sponsoring, dem seit 1998 jährlich stattfindenden Sponsoring forum einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Wissensvermittlung, für die Akzeptanz und den Einsatz von Sponsoring und die Präsenz von Sponsoring in den Medien geleistet.

Bei den Kongressen, Seminaren, Workshops und Think:Tanks von paradise media treten weltweit führende Experten und Redner aus allen Bereichen im Sponsoring und führende Vordenker aus Wirtschaft, Politik, Medien als Keynote-Speaker auf.

Think:Tank und Netzwerk

Regelmässig treffen sich Professionals im internationalen Sponsoring zu den von paradise media initiierten Meetings. Zielsetzung ist dabei die ständige weitere Entwicklung von Sponsoring und die Integration in Marketing und Kommunikation, sowie die Mitarbeit an der positiven Darstellung über Sponsoring in den internationalen Medien.

Der Geschäftsführer von paradise media , Hubert Georg Feil war bis 2003 Präsident des Sponsoring-Verbandes FASPO (Fachverband für Sponsoring und Sonderwerbeformen e.V.), leitete mehrere Jahre den von ihm gegründeten Arbeitskreis K-U-S (AK Kultur-, Umwelt-, Socalsponsoring) und war Vorsitzender des Internationalen Sponsoring Award. Hubert Georg Feil ist seit Jahren Gastredner und Podiumsteilnehmer bei deutschen und internationalen Kongressen, Veranstaltungen, in Hochschulen und Bildungseinrichtungen.

Culturebrand Sponsorship Rules

  • We are a Sponsorship Consulting Company.
  • We create Marketing and Sponsorship Concepts.
  • We also offer Sponsorship Acquisition Services.
  • We do not work on a commission basis only.

Sponsorship No-Shows | No-Goes

  • We do not accept – under no conditions – Sponsorship Money for our clients and projects from the following segments:
    – Tobacco Industry and Cigarettes
    – Adult oriented Products
  • Thanks a lot for your understanding.