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The Name is Passion. Culturebrand. 

We are working on Brand Building, Marketing Communication, PR, Image Building, Event Creation for Cultural and Art Institutions and Organisations to realize sustainable and emotional experiences for Museums, Theatres, Art Fairs, Opera House, Cultural Festivals, Art Exhibitions, Concert Halls, Music Festivals, Literature Houses and more.

We accept Mandates from the Cultural, Art and Film and Lifestyle Industry, from Cultural Cities, from Cultural Foundations for Strategy, Cultural Management, Marketing, PR and Communication.

We are working with Artists, Curators and Art Consultants to create a sustainable brand marketing awareness and market positioning.

We offer Consulting Services, Strategy Communication, Sponsorship Management and Akquisition for Cultural Institutions and Projects. 

We create concepts and evaluation strategy for sponsorship positioning to find corporate sponsor partners for cultural brands.

Focus is a successful Culture Communication for Clients. Our international Network of Art and Culture Professionals, Cultural Managers and Tourism Marketing Consultants stands for Quality and sustainable Professionalism and a success-driven Cooperation.

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