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Culturebrand. Architects of Culture and Tourism. Strong and creative Ambitions for Cultural Management, Cultural Marketing, Art Consulting, Sponsorship, Cultural Communication.

Cultural Advise and Management has been one of our most important contribution for many years now. With a clear cultural and sustainable focussed Management Team, Culturebrand has created a new and unique defined Consulting Firm. We use various Instruments and Tools to assist and support our Clients in Companies, in Cultural and Green Organizations, in Tourism, in Cities and Regions in their mission and defined Goals. And we help them doing the next important Steps in Communication.

With a long Experience and worldwide Contacts to Art Managers, Art Historians and Cultural Managers in various Cultural Areas, we offer a range of Services in the Fields of Cultural Project Management, Cultural Marketing, Cultural Communications and curatorial and conceptional Project Advise.

Cultural Sponsorship, Fundraising and Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) have proven extraordinarly and valuable for Brand Building and Image Positioning. We advise and assist Cultural Institutions in the Development of professional Sponsorship Concepts and we give Help and Support in professional Acquisition of Sponsorship Cooperations and Funds from European, and international Foundations and Institutions.

Art & Culture Management in Transition

The Cultural Landscape is being transformed. A new thinking, holistic Action and a new aproaching is required! Non-linear Acting and incredible Creativity determine the Cultural Projects and the new partnerships between Business and The Arts. New cultural and sustainable Network Cooperations and Structures are appearing.

The common Denominator of the various Partners is Creativity. Without creative Thinking no sustainable and successfull Innovation is possible. The important “Thing” now is a different and sustainable action including putting aside established Ways of Thinking and Cultural Acting. Not only is a visionary Way of Thinking necessary to do justice to Changes, but also a clear and concrete Partnership Acceptance from Cultural Managers to establish a new and friendly Dynamic in any new Cooperation between the Arts, Culture and Corporate Brands.

Art & Culture Sponsorship

Professional art & cultural sponsorship offers an exciting marketing environment and communication platform for businesses. Again, Cultural Sponsorship is a highly professional marketing and communication instrument. Cultural sponsorship shall be understood as an integrative tool for corporate philosophy. There is a lot of creative space for Messages (“Story-Telling”). Important Key Factor of Success is the clear and sustainable involvement of enterprise and the strong desire for a positive understanding

Art Sponsorship allows companies the direct cooperation and parthership with museums, galleries, art institutions, theatres, opera houses, cultural festivals and projects, and artists. A creative exchange of ideas and messages and a positive image transfer between the sponsored instutions and the sponsors can take place. Cultural Sponsorship is a powerful and excelent instrument to promote and improve the direct communication with in-house and external audiences.

Cultural sponsorship opens up new opportunities for communication and marketing, demonstrates interest in the arts, shows the assumption of cultural and social responsibility and provides a large platform to the public. Cultural Sponsorship is a Public Task as well. Many artistic and cultural Projects are made possible by the support of sponsors only. By funding and supporting topical cultural and artistic projects the communication benefit for Sponsors and for the sponsored project can be extraordinary positive.

The new Partnership Model between Business and The Arts and Cultural Thinking for Businesses are identical insofar as both Partners are invited to identify new and emotional Ways in Marketing, Presentation and Communication and to make things Change.At the End of this working Process what is important, is Faith, Confession, Creativity, fair Deals, the Decision and finally the sustainable Action. Innovative projects stimulate public interest.

Culture is our Passion. We’d love to hear from you!

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