The EUROCITIES Munich Conference

We are glad about the big success of the Munich Conference EUROCITIES Munich.

Energising cities – energy intelligent cities of tomorrow.

BMW Group, Siemens and Stadtwerke München (SWM) decided to be Partners and Sponsors of the Conference.

How can we make our cities energy intelligent? At EUROCITIES Munich we will explore ways to manage the demand for energy in growing cities without compromising economic and social concerns. Our citizens will be an important part of this journey, with greater sustainable energy supply, cleaner air, stable energy prices and improved transport promising a better quality of life. By sharing ideas on mobility management, local renewable energy production and new technologies, our cities can make a crucial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in future.


The next 20 years will shape the cities of tomorrow. Cities that respond to challenges of climate change and natural resource management, the economy and job creation, social equity, demographic change and citizen in particular youth engagement. Cities must adapt if they are to continue to meet the expectations of our citizens and provide the services they need. This urban transformation will inevitably shape and define how Europe as a whole responds and adapts. The resilience of Europe to face the future will depend on the resilience of its major cities.

How will we manage this transformation? What sources will we use to meet the demand for energy in growing cities? Will we manage to comply with strict environmental standards as our cities grow, and the demand for housing and public and private transport increases? How can we guarantee this without compromising economic and social concerns?

The Europe 2020 strategy sets clear goals for the European Union: on climate and energy, CO2 emissions should fall by 20% by 2020. With 70% of all energy consumed in Europe used in cities, local actions are critical if climate targets are to be met. Many cities have already set even more ambitious targets for themselves, including through their Covenant of Mayors commitments to improve energy efficiency and increase the uptake of energy from sustainable sources.

But beyond 2020, how can we make our cities energy intelligent? What are the implications for wider urban planning in the next 20 years if we are to achieve reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions whilst improving quality of life for our growing urban populations? What are the outcomes we want to achieve?

These were the issues we propose to explore at the Conference EUROCITIES  Munich. We will do this by covering a number of themes we believe are critical to the topic:

  • decentralised energy production, smart grids and alternative fuel infrastructure
  • integrated planning: spanning city departments and city boundaries
  • the built environment: retrofitting and urban design
  • energy intelligent urban mobility
  • greening the wider community: working with businesses and citizens
  • new business models and partnerships.
Our cities have the potential to develop new technologies, broker new partnerships, create incentives, change behavioural patterns and provide the right framework for citizens and others to co-create and do it themselves. Together we then make a crucial contribution toreducing CO2 emissions. We have the power to dramatically reduce Europe’s energy consumption.

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