Newaken Health Retreats | Energy Evolution for Slow & Mindful Travel

Newaken represents the evolution of awakening, introducing a novel approach to incentive retreat series.   Resilience has emerged as the buzzword of the pandemic era. Pre-pandemic incentive trips were largely characterized by high-octane team-building activities and condensed schedules. However, a shift in focus is becoming evident, with an emphasis on quality, positivity, inspiration, and sustainability, […]


The Newaken Health Retreats | Energy Power for Mindful Incentive Travel

Newaken is the new Awaken. The new Incentive Retreat Series. Resilience has become the magic word of the pandemic. While in pre-pandemic times events and incentives were still heavily dominated by a focus on team-building, action-packed activities for participants, and companies were increasingly shortening the duration of incentive trips, a rethink is emerging. Quality, good […]


Culturebrand launched Luxury and Inspiration Destination Marketing

New Concept for international Destination Marketing: “A Night of Luxury and Inspiration” is a new Concept to inspire the World of Tourism and Live Communication. “It’s all about Inspiration in International Tourism”, explained Culturebrand Managing Partner Hubert Georg Feil the Development of new Formats in Marketing, and Communication for Tourism Destinations. Real Time Marketing is […]

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Wow Prague inspires – Pure Emotion

Culturebrand congratulates the City of Prague and the Team from the Prague Convention Bureau to a very professional Presentation of the new Destination Slogan and Branding for Prague: “WOW PRAGUE”. Culturebrand Live Communication has a long experience  with Events and Incentives in the wonderful Prague with great local Contacts to Hotels, Locations, and excellent Suppliers. […]